Biodiesel Plant Manufacturers


TECHNOCHEM started its business with manufacturing Hydrogen Generation Cells and very soon TECHNOCHEM due to its strict Quality control and superior workmanship and TECHNOCHEM enjoyed a reputation of a company which strictly follows the specifications and reached enviable ranking of No.1 as Hydrogen Cell Manufacturer in India.

We catered for Hydrogen Cells in India right from Tata’s, Hindustan Lever to not so known customers. Our customers list in itself is a measurement of our competence. We have served nearly 100 customers and have supplied till date more than 8000 Cells.

Technochem have also supplied the complete Hydrogen Plant to various Vanaspati Manufacturers. The Hydrogen Plant consists of Hydrogen Cells, Rectifier, Compressor, Gas Holders, High Pressure Hydrogen Bullets, Gas Washer etc.


TECHNOCHEM added Electrolyser to its range of equipment to serve to the customers who are looking for an energy efficient and compact machine to produce hydrogen. For this TECHNOCHEM has a tie up with Electrolyser manufacturer who manufacture Electrolyser of good quality and maintain the specifications.


TECHNOCHEM started manufacturing and supplying Physical Refinery Plants in Modular Construction. TECHNOCHEM has a capability of manufacturing plants from 50 Tons to 200 Tons per day. TECHNOCHEM believes in manufacturing customized plants as per the need and requirement of individual customer. Hence TECHNOCHEM has additional Burden in designing plant a fresh for each customer. Since we adapt the needs and requirement of the customer and design and manufacture plants as per the need. This add to an additional comfort to the customer. Technochem also undertakes the supply, erection & commissioning of non modular Physical Refinery Plant.


TECHNOCHEM started manufacturing Biodiesel Plants since 2006 and has exported successfully three Plants to USA . The design is done at the U.S. facility while drawings, manufacturing is done at Ghaziabad. For our overseas customers we supply all the moving parts from USA while the total plant is fabricated in India hence the customer is benefitted as he gets a competitive price while warranty of all the moving parts from US. The plant supplied by us produces Biodiesel as per ASME specifications.


TECHNOCHEM in 1985 also diversified into Heavy Engineering Division and under took many challenging and critical projects like
1. LPG Bottling Plant for IOCL at Haldwani in U.P. & Parwanoo in H.P.
2. GAS and Naphtha pipeline after GAIL Terminal in GAS POWER STATION at Anta, Rajasthan.
3. 1.2 m Ø and o.5 m Ø pipeline fabrication and underground installation for soft water feed to Boiler in Thermal Power Station at
      Chanderpur, Maharashtra.
4. ETP consisting of Reactor of 30 m Ø and Gas Holder of 20 m Ø for Rampur Distillery for Production of Methane.
5. ETP consisting of Reactor and Gas Holder to produce Methane from Effluent for Riga Sugar Mills Sitamarhi, Bihar.
6. Heavy Structure of NOVA Steel Plant, Haldwani, U.P.
7. Condensate Tanks for GAIL under Mecon Supervision supplied to Rajahmundry and Nagapattinam .


TECHNOCHEM designs, manufacture and supplies votators/ Homogeniser/ Pin Worker for manufacture of Bakery Shortening and Margarine. We manufacture votator in two categories one is Indirect chilled type of votator where the total material of construction is in Mild steel and is good for making Bakery Shortening.

We also manufacture Direct chilled type votator completely in SS 304 or SS 316 construction for making good quality Margarine.
We can supply the votator alone or the complete Bakery Shortening Plant or Margarine Plant on Turn Key Basis.

Our votators are running successfully in more than 50 companies in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal.


TECHNOCHEM designs and manufacture Plants for Purification of Glycerin. We can supply plant to make USP Grade Glycerin or commercial grade Glycerin.


TECHNOCHEM supplies Batch and Continuous Plant for Dewaxing. We have successfully used horizontal pressure Filter in Dewaxing thereby reducing the space requirement.


TECHNOCHEM manufacture Continuous and Batch Degumming Plants. We have supplied Degumming Plants to many of our overseas customers.


TECHNOCHEM is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Pilot Plants to the industry and to the institutes and research labs. Plants manufactured by us are running in many Industries, Institutes and Research Labs. We have also supplied Pilot Plant of 0.5T Neutralizer to Mexico and 650 kg. size vessels to USA.

Some of the leading Pilot Plant supplied by us are
   1. Sri Ram Food & Fertilizer, New Delhi for 20 kg. Batch-Neutralizer, Bleacher, Autoclave, Deodorizer with independent vacuum system. For vacuum we supplied        vapor chilling by Refrigeration at minus 200C, Silica absorber, Oil seal pump.
   2. NDDB in Nadiad, Gujrat with 150 kg. Batch. Similar as above. In a separate order we also supplied a votator for pilot plant.
   3. Ganesh Scientific, Delhi with 5 kg. Batch
   4. HBTI, Kanpur with 25 kg. Batch
   5. Bhavnagar Vegetable 25 kg. Batch
   6. Kusum Products, Kolkata, 20/25 kg. system
   7. Kothari Chemicals, Madurai, 10 kg. system
   8. Hanuman Cottonseed, Khamgaon, A Pilot scale Solvent Plant and Deodorizer.
   9. Ahmed Oil Mills, Bombay, 25 kg. system.
   10. Were negotiating with ABC, Rajpura